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Our Services

Daniels provides general contracting services as well as a construction-management-at-risk for any and all services listed below. We will work with the Owner and Architect providing options for value engineering and completing a project that comes within budget.

  • Commercial

    - Office Buildings
    - Banks & Financial Centers
    - Municipal Facilities
    - Post Office Facilities
    - Housing Developments
    - Hospitals

    - Medical Facilities
    - Retail Facilities
    - Dealerships
    - Warehouse Facilities
    - Remodel & Renovation Work

  • Institutional

    - Religious
    - K-12 Facilities
    - University Facilities
    - Public Housing

    - Recreational Facilities
    - Public or Private Libraries
    - Health Clinics
    - Remodel & Renovation Work

  • Industrial

    - Control Buildings
    - Administrative Facilities
    - Laboratories
    - Warehouse Facilities

    - Railroad Industry Facilities
    - Transit Shed & Docking Facilities
    - Remodel & Renovation Work

Great Team

Daniels believes that if any organization is to survive and succeed, it must have the very best people working together within the framework of a sound set of fundamental beliefs. Here are some of Daniels’ basic principles by which the company’s policies, plans, procedures, and operations are guided:

- Both internal and external relationships are governed by complete integrity and high ethical standards at all times.
- We fairly and fully honor any contracts, warranties, and moral obligations to our suppliers, contractors, customers, and fellow employees.
- We strive to clearly and truthfully represent our product with quality workmanship.
- Unity of company spirit and pride in the company will be promoted by the practice of constructive candor, warm understanding, and helpful assistance.
- Highly skilled dedicated people working with a positive attitude are the company’s greatest business resource.

Subcontractors play a key role in the success of a project at Daniels. We use select subcontractors with qualified personnel capable of meeting the requirements of any given project. This helps assure that the project is completed on time and within the budget. Quality subcontractors play an integral part in delivery of a project that the owner is satisfied with. Without key subcontractors, a successful project is not possible. By working together as a team, Daniels and its subcontractors are able to complete any project undertaken successfully.


  • All
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Municipal
  • Banks
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Other

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